THE DREAM SO FAR (1998-2015)

Dear Church Family,

daringfaith2GET READY FOR SOMETHING BIG! I believe with all my heart that we are entering the single most significant and exciting season in the history of our church. In order to prepare us for this, I felt impressed by the Lord to challenge all of us to get ready. If we are going to step into the audacious dreams that God has given us in this next season we are going to need Daring Faith!

We need a new level of faith to see the miracles that God has for us. We need a new level of faith to reach the people God wants to reach through us. We need a new level of faith for the finances to reach these goals, extend our influence and be the kind of world-changing, community-impacting church we know we are called to be!

THAT is why we are embarking on this ten-week campaign called “Daring Faith- We Can Do This.”

Through this campaign we will cast and clarify the vision for the next steps for The City Church. We will raise the money needed to finance the vision and we will step forward into the next page of our destiny. We will laugh and believe and grow and sacrifice and work TOGETHER and trust God to bring the increase! We are moving forward with new vision. I pray that you find your place in the journey and as you do, you will never be the same. Our church will never be the same. Our community will never be the same. The harvest is
plentiful and we are the laborers.

Let’s take the land together.

Jerry McKinney




The City Church began with a dream and a family of five. Over the years, the sacrifices of few have paved the way for many to be reached with the love of Jesus.

  • Nearly 10,000 people have given their lives to Jesus.
  • We’ve influenced 5,000 students through Campus Clubs.
  • More than 250 students have graduated from our Leadership College.
  • We’ve built houses, trained pastors, started and strengthened churches, established leadership colleges, and fed the poor both locally and around the world in Russia, Germany, Uganda, The Gambia, Canada, Honduras, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Mexico, France,
    Brazil, Zambia, and Haiti.

We currently meet the practical needs of 3,000 people annually through Outreach Ministries and are known by local school principals, fire & police officials, and community leaders as a church of radical generosity, unique diversity, genuine compassion for hurting people, fervent worship, and passionate young leaders.

“The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” Psalm 126:3